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samedi 3 mai 2014

Let's get started

OK, so like, hem, 6 months? more? after I created this blog, I'm writing my first article...

I'm French.
I live in France.
I'm taking the last exams to be an English teacher (more about that in a couple months!), after 5 years at home taking care of my two boys (age 5 and 3), another job for a year, and a university degree in a whole other field.

I like reading (how lame does this sound? very? ok, moving on), cooking, styling my closet, which does not make me a fashion blogger, moving things around in my home, which does not make me a decorator nor a DIY expert, definitely not... I read a lot of blogs, which has prompted me to give it another try, after my first attempts a few years back, pre-Facebook, Pinterest and other social media I now can't live without.

We live in the countryside, smallish town (about 10000 people), close enough to the main roads and bigger cities, but far enough so my daily drive to work last year looked like this:

Pretty nice, hey? Quiet roads, no one to be seen except for the occasional deer or tractor... (mind you, I had to go from a small town through the hills and woods to an even smaller town, but on the other side of our town it's the "big, normal" road all the way to the real French cities ;-)

I have to admit though, that during winter it wasn't exactly as breezy...

So that's just a bit of background about me, more to come!


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